Mates and meat: jump starting a jerky revolution

Mates and meat: jump starting a jerky revolution
December 7, 2018 The Curators
The Curators
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The founders were interviewed by Real Business last month on what it was like being mates and jump starting a jerky revolution in the uk. Here is a snippet of the interview:

In business, it’s one thing to have an original idea, but it’s quite another to lead the way in an entirely new market. These co-founders talk about the highs and the lows involved in being a product pioneer in the UK’s meat snacks market.

Beef jerky. It’s a delicacy that has become almost synonymous with American culture.

Beef Jerky Revolution

Whatever your favourite American sitcom classic is, whether it’s Friends or Seinfeld, chances are that one of the main characters will be chowing down on beef jerky at some point.

And what’s not to love about beef jerky? It’s reasonably lean, protein-rich, easy to eat and preservable.

So for producers and consumers alike, it offers limitless possibilities, including its potential as an office snack item, or even (gasp) a post-workout superfood!?

So whilst beef jerky is undoubtedly an American concept, one British business has been brave enough to take this concept and produce a high-quality artisanal version for the UK, that company is called The Curators.

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