Wok for 1000!

Wok for 1000!
November 1, 2018 The Curators
The Curators
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On Thursday morning we ascended on Borough Market with our office pals, School of Wok, to help them on their mission to help feed the homeless and those facing food poverty in London.

The aim? To create 1,300 meals for those in need, in just a 4-hour time frame!

Wok for 1000!

Celebrity Chef Jeremy Pang is behind the movement, after becoming aware of the frankly devastating amount of food that is thrown away every day across the UK. He is now a passionate campaigner, and is doing what he can to highlight the power and possibility of what can be done to combat waste when people come together;

‘’For me Wok for 1000 has two purpose’s, firstly to deliver a delicious and memorable meal to the homeless people of London and secondly to encourage everyone to do a little something to support others within the local community, because if we all take small steps to make a difference – big changes will happen.’’

With the help of a team of 180 volunteers from across the capital, we churned out over 6000 dumplings, 700 Hong Kong Noodle Stir Fries and 700 litres of Massaman curry. The event was held to support the work of Charity Plan Zheroes, by reaching out and collection quantities of surplus food from the Capital’s eateries – it is hoped that any and all food collected can be put to good use, and not wasted.

Jeremy also said, ‘’The buzz and satisfaction from physically doing something to help others is honestly immeasurable. I cannot put into words how good it feels to go home after the event itself and reflect, thinking there are so many people out there enjoying a hot meal they might not have had and what that would mean to them. It’s incredible. And in reality, very few of us actually get the chance to have that feeling, but experience it once and I guarantee it’s actually rather addictive. Ultimately that’s the inspiration behind my campaign for us all to take small steps for big change within our local communities.’’

We’re insanely proud of what the team at School of Wok achieved – bring on next year!