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Cheese Pork Puffs

The Number One, High Protein, Keto Crisp.

Crunch With a Punch

Pork Puffs

The Number One Keto Crisp.

Keto friendly

Cheese & Nut Mix

Baked & Salted Almonds And Pecans
With Popped Cheddar Cheese

All our superbly seasoned snacks offer quality protein with fewer calories, while delivering a serious flavour punch.

We have incredible Keto friendly snacks which are low in calories, high in protein and big on flavour. Dull snacking is officially a thing of the past.

In a snacking category saturated by carb-heavy, empty calorie crisps, our snacks deliver a perfect balance of flavour & function.

Don't just take our word for it

The best damn Jerky in the UK.

DJ BBQ | Food Tube Legend

The best Biltong on the Planet.

Josh Katz | Chef

The Pork Puffs are my absolute fave

Ollie Marchon | Fitness Guru