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Cheese Pork Puffs

The Number One, High Protein, Keto Crisp.

Crunch With a Punch

Pork Puffs

The Number One Keto Crisp.

Keto friendly

Cheese & Nut Mix

Baked & Salted Almonds And Pecans
With Popped Cheddar Cheese

NEW High Protein

Veggie Puffs

10g of Plant Based Protein per bag.

All our superbly seasoned snacks offer quality protein with fewer calories, while delivering a serious flavour punch.

We have incredible Keto friendly snacks which are low in calories, high in protein and big on flavour. Dull snacking is officially a thing of the past.

In a snacking category saturated by carb-heavy, empty calorie crisps, our snacks deliver a perfect balance of flavour & function.

Don't just take our word for it

The best damn Jerky in the UK.

DJ BBQ | Food Tube Legend

The best Biltong on the Planet.

Josh Katz | Chef

The Pork Puffs are my absolute fave

Ollie Marchon | Fitness Guru