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Pork Puffs

The Curators are on a mission to SUPERCHARGE SAVOURY with our award-winning range of delicious high protein snacks. “Move over!” Protein bars and shakes… our leading range of Pork Puffs provides the crunch of a crisp with the macros to rival any sports nutrition.

£23.99 | 20 x 25g

Original Salted Pork Puffs 25g

£23.99 | 20 x 25g

Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs 25g

£23.99 | 20 x 23g

Cheese Pork Puffs 23g

£24.99 | 20 x 25g

NEW Mixed Pork Puffs

£23.99 | 20 x 25g

Salt & Vinegar Pork Puffs 25g

£24.99 | 20 x 25g

Mixed Pork Puffs - Salted & Bacon


Pork Puffs Big Bags

We’ve taken our best-seller and supersized it. Same great taste, now with a whopping 54g protein per bag.

£19.99 | 8 x 75g

Original Salted Pork Puffs 75g

£19.99 | 8 x 75g

Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs 75g

£19.99 | 8 x 70g

Cheese Pork Puffs 70g

High Protein

Veggie Puffs

Our revamped range of high protein Veggie Puffs. A whopping 10g protein and only 123 calories per bag. Available in two delicious flavours, Cheese and BBQ.

£23.99 | 20 x 30g

NEW BBQ Veggie Puffs

£23.99 | 20 x 30g

NEW Cheese Veggie Puffs

£4.99 | 4 x 30g

NEW Veggie Puffs Taster Box

£12.00 | 5 x 75g

NEW BBQ Veggie Puffs 75g

£12.00 | 5 x 12g

NEW Cheese Veggie Puffs 75g


Beef Biltong

Our award-winning biltong is made with prime cuts of British and Irish grass-fed beef, cured in delicious herbs and spices, before being gently air-dried and sliced to perfection. A true South African delicacy handed down through generations and proudly made in the UK.

£23.99 | 12 x 26g

Original Beef Biltong

Superbly Seasoned

Nuts & Snack Mix

Our brand new range of superbly seasoned Almonds and Peanuts are baked or lightly caramelised then finished to perfection. These plant powered snacks are high-protein, high-fibre, and come in packaging made from sustainable paper source and easily recycled anywhere.

£12.99 | 12 x 35g

Cocoa Caramel Peanuts

£12.99 | 12 x 35g

Smoky BBQ Almonds

Carefully Curated

Snack Collections

We've crafted three tasty collections for any snacking occasion. Want a killer keto combo with low carbs, high protein and nothing but banging flavour? The KETO BOX is the one for you! Unsure what to try first? Grab our TASTER BOX which has all our best snacks in one place. Or do you want to try the whole range? Look no further than THE FULL COLLECTION BOX!

£29.99 | Box of 16

The Full Collection

£14.99 | Box of 8

The Taster Box

£57.97 £50.00 | Default Title

The Veggie Bundle SAVE 14%

£53.97 £45.00 | Default Title

The Ultimate Savoury Bundle SAVE 17%

£60.97 £50.00 | Default Title

The Supercharged Bundle SAVE 18%

New to the family


Introducing the latest member of The Curators family ... Cheesies! These delicious baked cheese snacks are made from one single ingredient, are high in protein, gluten-free, contain no carbs or sugar and suitable for vegetarians.

£9.99 | 6 x 20g

Cheesies Variety Pack

£33.99 | 24 x 20g

Cheesies Big Variety Pack

£16.99 | 12 x 20g

Cheddar Cheesies

£16.99 | 12 x 20g

Red Leicester Cheesies

£16.99 | 12 x 20g

Gouda Cheesies

£16.99 | 12 x 20g

Goat's Cheese Cheesies

£16.99 | 12 x 20g

Chilli Cheddar Cheesies

£9.98 | 6 x 20g

Cheddar & Chilli Cheesies