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The Taster Box

£14.99 | Box of 8


Want to skip to the best stuff?! Come on, please don't make us pick which of our children we love the most! Oh well if we really have to...

This box includes 8 products:

  • 1 x units Original Beef Biltong
  • 1 x units Original Salted Puffs
  • 1 x units Smoky Bacon Puffs
  • 1 x units Cheese Veggie Puffs
  • 1 x units BBQ Veggie Puffs
  • 1 x Smoky BBQ Almonds
  • 1 x Cheesies Cheddar
  • 1 x Cheesies Red Leicester

The Curators are a passionate team of flavour fanatics lead by food-loving friends Max & Ed, seeking taste inspiration from around the globe for our award-winning, British made snacks.

Let us take you on an Adventure With Taste.

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The Taster Box

£14.99 | Box of 8